Farming & Staking LIC

Farmers & Stakers recieve rewards by staking LIC tokens or the pancake liquidity provider token in the farming pools. To encourage long-term holders, rewards are calculated based on:
  • The amount of LIC tokens users stake or farm
  • The period of time users choose to lock liquidity or stake
The longer the locked time is, the more reward a user receives compared to the user who chooses to lock liquidity or stake for a shorter period.
Furthermore, 75% of farming/staking rewards will be locked while the remaining 25% will be released immediately when users do farming. The locked rewards will be released linearly over 3 months when farming finishes. Locking rewards helps reduce selling pressure, thus giving more incentive for users to hold tokens and farm.
Another problem is impermanent loss when it comes to liquidity providing on AMM. We will have our solution for this issue.