User Incentives

Linghtening Cash Dapp enables users to spend a small fee sending BNB or any BEP20 tokens to any addresses in a way that obscures your sending address. It has two user flows:
  • Deposit: Users can deposit BNB or any BEP20 tokens to the privacy box and then easily generate a secret deposit note that allows them to use said deposit without revealing their original address. Users need to save the secret note safely in order to redeem the deposit later. A small fee of the deposit amount is 0.05%, applied to the deposit transaction, and this fee is sent to the protocol treasury.
  • Withdraw: Withdraw allows any users with an Unspent/unredeemed secret note to open the generated deposit commitment and withdraw the deposited BNB/BEP20 tokens. A small fee of the withdrawal amount is 0.1%, applied to the withdrawal. The fee is sent to the treasury protocol.